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We’re very grateful that, once again, we had a reasonably decent morning for the Don Zetnick Arlington Winter Run yesterday – even if turned out to be a Winter Run in almost-Summer!. J

As we close the book on another edition – the 35th — of the Don Zetnick Arlington Winter Run, let me, on behalf of The Runner Shop in Arlington (the race’s signature sponsor and -organizer) and YMCA of Arlington (the race beneficiary and detail-organizer), offer you our thanks  for participating in the race – whether as a racer, a sponsor/donor or a volunteer – and helping youth and family programs at the YMCA of Arlington.

Above all, we hope that, overall, you had a good race and a fun time at the race! There were the kids running and jogging excitedly and smiling all the way, the kids being entertained by Santa and the Penguin, adults navigating the beautiful streets in the UTA campus area, the warming music, etc., etc. Plus, many of the participants took the 2012 Winter Run penguins home with them! And you helped raise some funds for YMCA of Arlington.That is truly the essence of road racing for some of us – fun, competition & charity fundraising! Bless you!

Our special gratitude to the school and non-school teams who, year after year, help make this one of the most family-friendly races in this neck of the woods. And – although I live in Arlington — my own very personal kudos to Pauletha Amos and the Bess Race Elementary Running Eagles  of Crowley who brought in over 110 participants (over 100 last year) to the event!

We’d also like to thank our sponsors – too many to enumerate here but are listed on the race Web site, here – who helped make all of this possible. Particular thanks to the ones who provided us the sumptuous post-race repast and some entertainment.

The award winner results were published this morning in the Star-Telegram (with the correct race name) and in the Morning News (with a wrong race name). I’m especially grateful to the Star-Telegram for publishing those results because they received them from us just before the cutoff time. The results for all finishers were posted on the Web at and yesterday afternoon, and on this site, here.

We since have expanded and made the latter results more complete by including finish positions by gender – to ensure that racers are given as robust a description as possible of their performance — and re-formatting the presentation. And we also corrected for the few cases where some individuals were inadvertently assigned to the wrong race. Those embellished & corrected results were posted on the Web just after midnight right at (Click on the “Results” link, then on ” Texas ” in the US map.  Then scroll down to the race.)

If you do not receive, but are  interested in receiving, a monthly “race” calendar that I currently share by e-mail with (over 4,500) area runners/walkers, please let me know by reply to this e-mail. The calendar is different from the typical race calendar. It includes the regular fun/competitive road races, but it also features non-competitive charity walks/runs, such as March of Dimes, Relay For Life, CROP Walk, etc.  And it indicates race beneficiaries and entry fees. The latest  one was just  published last week. The next update will come out before Christmas..

Hope to see you at another race soon, God willing. Meanwhile, run/walk easy & happy!  Season’s Greetings & Happy holidays!

running/walking happy & easy, for the fun, for the funds (charities & causes), for the function – with passion…

race co-coordinator


FYI, with your presumed indulgence, I also have attached  the entry form documents/flyers for the next three charity races we’re involved with.

The first race comes up on Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24th, as we engage the Reindeer Dash (A Pre-Christmas Frolic) 5K / 1 Mile  at beautiful River Legacy Parks in north Arlington. Before you complete your Christmas shopping or attend Christmas Eve worship service or attend Christmas morning worship service or celebrate Christmas Day with family & friends, come join us for a fun, fundraiser race in the morning of the day before Christmas. There will be plenty of time for all the things we just listed. At the race, there will be an Ugly Holiday Sweater contest; Last-minute gift wrapping; Photos with Santa!  Net proceeds will benefit Girls Inc. of Tarrant County [] a nonprofit organization that strives to empower women & girls inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.
Reindeer Dash Flyer & Registration PDF

Our second race is to fill a void in  TarrantCounty’s weekend charity racing schedule – on the last weekend of the year. It also is to take a small stab at hunger. Appropriately, it is named Just for the Heck of It XVI (A Year-End Dance Against Hunger) 5K / 1 Mile – on December 29th at where else? River Legacy Parks in Arlington. Every year over eight million people (fellow men, women and children) die  worldwide – not from any illness, not from overt violence or accidents, but from lack of basic food, from an agonizing, painful and passive violence of hunger! Incredibly, here at home in America (including right here in North Texas), every day one child out of four wakes up not knowing where his/her family will eat that day or, even, if they will eat at all that day! Net proceeds from the race will benefit Community Food Bank —serving needy families in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. []
2012 HECK XVI 5K

The third race celebrates MLK Day 2013 as “a day on rather than a day off’, a day of engagement rather than a day of idleness. The tenth edition of this race, the MLK Day & Dream X 5K / 1 Mile, will be staged also at River Legacy Parks in Arlingtonon Monday, January 21, 2013 (MLK Day 2013). It is part of celebrating that holiday (the day) and its message (the dream) of universal brotherhood & sisterhood, a culture of live & let live  and recognizing every individual – every human being anywhere – as a deserving child of God!  The cause here will be youth education and net race proceeds will benefit AISD’s Blanton & Crow Elementary Schools.
2013 MLK

You can find out about our other races at



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