In 1967, Don Zetnick found himself in his mid-30s, out of shape, overweight and unable to walk his dog up a hill. He decided enough was enough and he made changes to improve his health.

One very important change: He began running.

What began as a healthy pastime soon became a passion.

After running (and winning) almost 1400 races, triathlons and marathons, Zetnick turned his hobby into a business and began catering to the unique needs of runners. The Runner was born.

In 1978, Zetnick and a few local runners founded the Arlington Runners Club and the Arlington Winter Run.

We would also like to dedicate this year’s race to Phil Zetnick, Don’s son, owner of The Runner, and everyone’s friend who passed away in January of 2015. With enthusiasm, Phil helped create and select the annual logo for the Winter Run. In 2012, the “Ice Man” was presented to him and he loved it! However, he was hesitant to stray away from the traditional penguin and snowflake and had yet to use it. This year we would like to honor Phil by welcoming the “Ice Man” to the team!